Six Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Asia Travel

Chiang Mai – Thailand: My favourite place in the whole world! No travellers cheques, no pre-paid credit cards, no local currency!

Just bring your wallet, at least 2 debit/credit cards and around $200 (about €140) in cash. You don’t need to get any money changed into Asian currencies while your still at home. He’s currently studying his Masters part-time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is semi-based in Bangkok, Thailand.

His blog shows you don’t have to BE rich to LIVE rich. Johnny Ward , founder of , has been on the road for 4 years through more than 50 countries. You might want to bring a small backpack as well for everyday use.

For trips longer than a week, you’ll need a 40-70L one to bring all your stuff with you. A 25L one should be fine for a week’s trip. Check the weather of all the places you’re planning to go. While most Southeast Asia is warm all year-round, there are some countries where it can get really chilly, depending on the time of the year.

From my experience it can be an overwhelming and headachy process, specially if you want to travel with some level of style As important as what you bring is what you leave at home. This article is intended to help you decide what to pack for Southeast Asia. Figure out what to take, what to leave at home and other useful packing tips for your trip!

This article is a comprehensive list of what to pack for Southeast Asia. Here you’ll find an honest account of how to travel the world on a backpackers budget as Taylor travels to every continent before she turns 30. Stick around if you want to see the real side of travel from a fellow struggling, sassy millennial. Welcome to Taylor’s Tracks – a travel blog dedicated to learning from mistakes made while traveling the globe, and growing up as a millennial.

There are just a couple of essential tips to help it from not happening. One of the main fears of traveling southeast Asia is getting sick from food, don’t worry it happens to the Best food in Asia of us! These are the basics for how to backpack southeast Asia.

Do not leave for you trip without reading every one of the tips in this category. But make sure you also know the basics of how to travel safely too. I’m sharing my best tips on saving money, necessities to pack, how to keep healthy and the top things you must know when you backpack southeast Asia.

Make no mistake, Burma is a wonderful country and incredibly rewarding, but it most certainly is not geared towards solo travel! Transport costs for foreigners (e.g. hiring a car for the day) are also expensive by the standards of the region. This is a country where you are more or less obliged to buy an entire room for two people wherever you travel and because of the huge surge in tourist numbers over the past five years (and lack of new hotels opening) accommodation is fairly expensive.

Many people don’t double check if street food is prepared properly, and end up with food poisoning. And the point about street food is so important! Haggling is always useful for shopping especially in Thailand!

These 7 points are such an awesome pre-trip FYI for those planning to do a SEA tour! But visiting the cities/capital of the country (especially Singapore!), transport systems are a lot more efficient and developed. The point about transport is largely true for the suburban areas of SEA.

Coming from south east asia (Singapore) i would say your post makes a lot of sense. That does not include ‘overhead’ like gear, insurance, or flights. And doing an average amount of tourist activities).

That said, a good rule of thumb is about $800-900 a month when travelling as a backpacker (staying in hostels or cheap guesthouses, eating mainly local food, etc. Myself and my partner are planning to travel to Vietnam in July for 2 weeks with our 8 ‘kids’ aged from 19-26. I was thinking of landing in Bangkok and then slowly moving up north to Chiang Mai (taking 15 visa validity days) and then leave for Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap (for the next 11 or so days) and after that go to Phuket for another 15 days of island hopping.


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